Product: Drawmer DL221

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Drawmer DL221
The Drawmer DL221 was a dual channel hard knee compressor with limiter. The Drawmer DL231 was a balanced version of the Drawmer DL221 with an expander.
The Expander had variable threshold from +10dB to -40dB. Three switched ratio settings of 1:2, 1:5 and 1:20. Three switched attenuation levels of -10dB, -20dB and -40dB. Expander metering was the 'traffic light' style as used in the DS201 noise gate.
The compressor section had threshold down to -24dB, ratio of 1:1 to 20:1, attack of 50mS to 5 seconds, release of 50mS to 5 seconds and gain of -20dB to +20dB. A ten element universal meter could be switched to show VU or GR.
The limiter section was selectable by a toggle switch. It had a fixed level of +6dB (+10dBU). A single red light showed limiting action.