Product: Shure  DFR11EQ V4 (10x)

Alles in nette staat, nu in de opruiming voor € 75 euro ex btw per stuk, incl 3 maanden garantie. (€ 90,75 incl btw) Bij afname van 2 stuks wordt er de 19 inch kit bijgeleverd.

Shure DFR11EQ V4
The Shure Model DFR11EQ is a single channel signal processor that combines a feedback
reducer, equalizer, and delay in a single, half-rack enclosure. The DFR11EQ is designed to be placed
in a sound reinforcement signal path to automatically detect and control acoustical feedback and
equalize overall sound system response. The DFR11EQ is designed for installed sound
reinforcement applications: theater, conference rooms, meeting halls, houses of worship, etc. The
DFR11EQ is also an effective setup tool for controlling major feedback modes in live music
The feedback reducer of the DFR11EQ automatically inserts narrow notch filters at detected
feedback frequencies. These notch filters stop a sound system from feeding back, but are narrow
enough so their effect on audio quality is minimized. The feedback detection algorithm constantly
searches for feedback, with or without the presence of program audio. The feedback reducer
functions on its own or under external computer control.
The equalizer of the DFR11EQ can be set to act as either a graphic or parametric equalizer