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Tascam X-48
The portability of the X-48 makes it a natural choice for live event and house of worship recording. Its dedicated design gives you extra reliability for those occasions when there aren't any second takes.

The optional IF-AN24X analog input card offers 24 high-quality balanced analog inputs, and you can use two cards for 48-track/96kHz recording. AES/EBU and ADAT digital I/O cards are also available, and both the analog and digital I/O can be used simultaneously for monitoring.

The rear panel contains a FireWire connection for connecting more hard drives for extra storage. Since the X-48 records Broadcast WAVE files, these recordings can immediately be brought into your favorite DAW for editing and mixing, or you can complete the project "inside the box" with the mixer built into the X-48. It also offers 60-channel automated mixing with powerful processing features, allowing you to monitor the show without an external mixer, and/or output a stereo mix to a CD or DVD recorde

- 48-track digital recording at up to 96kHz/24-bit
- 32-bit floating point audio file recording and playback with no loss of track count
- Advanced integrated synchronization and machine control, including HDTV tri-level sync
- Time-stamped Broadcast WAVE file format
- Front-panel transport, track arming, project management and metering functions
- Built-in 80GB hard drive
- Built-in DVD+RW for backup, transfer and restore
- Workstation/Mixing Features:
- ±6% varispeed
- Grid-style editing
- Turn-key operation: no software conflicts to troubleshoot
- Graphic user interface for editing, mixing and meters
- 48-channel mixing
- 32-bit floating point mixer resolution
- 6 stereo returns (60 total inputs at mixdown)
- 12 stereo groups, 6 aux sends, stereo master buss
- Full dynamic automation
- Dynamics, 4-band parametric EQ and 6 aux sends per channel

+ 1 available in-store
+ 3 months warranty
+ tested and approved by our own technicians
+ shipped to your door worldwide
+ Complete with original manual

Price per piece €499,- excl. VAT (€603,79 incl. VAT)