Product: Tascam RC848 / MU8824 SALE!

In good condition, including the additional meter bridge.

End-of-year sale, price valid until 31-12

€ 99,- exl vat ( € 119,79 incl vat )

The RC-848 coordinates the simultaneous operation
of up to six DA-88 units from one space-saving hightech
control station. With one RC-848 you can drive
an entire rack full of DA-88s, maintaining complete
transport and track control in perfect synchronization.
It controls all transport functions, provides 99
tape location memory points, a dedicated master
shuttle wheel and dual LED tape position counter
that details current tape position and an alternate
locate point. It can also address track delay, locate
preroll time and many other functions. It also controls
parallel port devices such as the TASCAM
MSR-16, Otari MTR-90 and other non RS-422
VTRs via the EXT 1 (Accessory 1) port.

The MU-8824 24-Channel Meter Bridge centralizes 24-
tracks of 15-segment LED peak meter displays of three
DA-88 units. It can either be rack mounted (RM-8824)
or can be mounted to the RC-848 (MK-8824). Because
it’s a vertically modular bridge you can easily stack two
MU-8824s to handle level display for a 48-track (six
DA-88s) master recording suite. PW-88M cables handle
connections between DA-88s and the meter bridges.