Product: Canford Tecpro MS721

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MS721 two circuit master station with
2 independent intercom circuits.
Outputs: 2 circuits (A & B)
Power: UK/Eur 200-260V
Intercom o/p: 0.64A continuous (16 outstations) per circuit
Headset speakers: 8 ohm to 4K ohm
Headset mic: 200 ohm to 600 ohm dynamic (limiter present in circuit)
Aux Audio mic input: 200 ohm mic
Aux Audio Line level: Unbalanced (Option of Balanced) 10k ohm impedance 25mV max.

Illuminated call switches. Linkable circuits. Two headset terminals each with headset and microphone volume. MS721 is capable of powering up to 16 belt packs or outstations per circuit.
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