Product: XTA DP100 (2x)

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The DP100 is a 2 input 4 output assignable audio delay featuring 3 band parametric
equalisation for each output, 11 micro-second minimum delay increment, 80 memories,
excellent dynamic range and compensation function for ambient temperature change.
XTA's proprietary AudioCore digital signal processing technology is the heart of the DP100
providing a more flexible solution to audio delay requirements and system engineering.
With analogue and digital inputs and outputs, plus optical I/O option, the DP100 will integrate
into both current and future systems. This flexibility extends to the external control options,
where a choice of MIDI or open architecture port is provided. Engineered for flexibility and
performance, built for reliability - the DP100 sets the standard in professional audio delay.

- flexible 3 band parametric equaliser is provided for each output. Each section
provides up to ±15dB of gain at any centre frequency 20Hz - 20kHz with a wide range
of Q's.
- Comprehensive standard specification includes 80 memories, MIDI for external control
& linking master / slave units, selectable operating level and security lock-out function.
- Delay measurement mode simplifies set-up by allowing delay time for the sound system
to be calculated.
- 2 inputs and 4 fully assignable outputs allow the DP100 to be configured for almost any
- Operating modes comprise: Mono 1 in / 4 out, Dual 2 in / 4 out , Stereo (linked) 2 in / 4
out and Split 1 in / 1 out + 1 in / 3 out.

The DP100 provides exceptional audio quality with a full 103dB dynamic range, high
sampling rate and minimal filtering.

Wide range digital control of level is provided for each output. This also allows mute to
be applied to any output.

Display is selectable between units of time, distance or video frames and a base delay
can be added before all outputs allowing relative adjustments.

11 µS minimum delay increment for critical driver alignment applications.
Maximum standard delay is 1.365 Secs. per output (dual) and 2.73 Secs. (mono). This
is expandable up to 8.19 Secs (dual), 16.38 Secs (mono) to special order.