Product: Klark Teknik DN514 (2x)

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Klark Teknik DN514
To simplify operation, two semi-automatic attack modes are selectable, with one dedicated to percussion. This eliminates the need for a rotary attack control.

Hold time is scaled to the setting of the release time control, giving reliable gate closure without the "chattering" that often requires extended adjustment.

Frequency conscious gating allows the engineer to place microphones close to each other without each microphone triggering its gate from the other source. A Sync function makes it possible to interlock the release times of the four gates to synchronize harmony vocals, or a brass or string section. Key inputs allow gate triggering by sources other than the signal passing through the gate.

- Four frequency-conscious high performance gates in a single rack space housing
- Optimised for fast set up and dependable triggering for every conventional gate application
- Advanced VCA design for low noise and distortion
- Two semi-automatic attack modes and hold time automatically scaled to release value
- Sync function synchronizes harmony parts, brass section, etc., by interlocking all four gate release times
- Additional key inputs for each channel allows triggering from external sources
- Side chain monitor function simplifies filter set-up

Threshold and release LEDs provide visual information regarding gate status
Both Master and channel bypass switches are provided to aid set-up