Product: Crown IQ-PIP-USP3/CN

In nette staat, 150 euro ex btw per stuk (181,50 incl btw)

Crown IQ-PIP-USP3/CN is a 3rd generation DSP-based PIP (Programmable
Input Processor) input module for PIP2 compatible amplifiers

• 100Mb Ethernet single-plug solution for
CobraNet audio, and HiQnet or TCP/IQ control
and monitoring
• Analog audio inputs allow CobraNet network
audio input, CobraNet audio backup, or a hardwire
emergency override of CobraNet audio
• “Listen Bus” amplifier output monitor via
• 24 bit digital to analog conversion with 32 bit,
fl oating point DSP processing
• 64 assignable fi lters with 9 different fi lter types
including all-pass fi lters
• Over 2 seconds of delay available per
• Input compressors and output limiters for each
• Dual, uncorrelated noise generators for noise
• Sine generator
• Load supervision
• Full error reporting
• Firmware upgrades via the network
• 10 user selectable presets
• Reliable FLASH memory backup of all parameters