Product: TL AUdio C-2021 (3x)

Ze hebben wat inbouw krasjes, echter Technisch helemaal in orde, 299,- euro (marge) incl 3 maanden garantie per stuk

The T L Audio Indigo Series combines classic valve techniques with low noise solid
state circuitry to produce audio processing units offering very high quality signal paths
with comprehensive control facilities and the unique valve sound.
The C-2021 is a two channel valve compressor. It may be operated as two independent
mono channels or as a full stereo compressor, with ganging of controls and combined
control voltages. All parameters of the compressor are variable, and a bargraph meter
may be used to display output level or gain reduction.

Balanced Line Input:
Electronically balanced, unbalanced compatible, with input
impedance greater than 5Kohm.
Gain range -20dB to +20dB.
Nominal input level +4dBu.
Maximum input level +26dBu.
3 pin female XLR connector.

Unbalanced Input:
Input impedance greater than 5Kohm.
Gain range -20dB to +20dB.
Nominal input levels -10dBu.
Maximum input level +12dBu.
2 pole 0.25” jack socket.

Auxiliary Input:
Switchable for high or low gain, plus 40dB gain variation.
Maximum input level +18dBu.
2 pole 0.25” jack socket.

Threshold -20dBu to +20dBu,
Attack 0.5msec or 20msec,
Release 40msec or 2 seconds,
Ratio 1:1.5 to 1:30,
Gain Make-Up 0 to +20dB.

Stereo Operation:
Ganged Threshold, Attack, Release and Ratio controls,
Linked control voltages.

Bargraph Meters:
Switchable to output level or compression,
0dB = +4dBu.
Outputs: Electronically balanced, unbalanced compatible.
Output impedance 47 ohms.
Maximum level +26dBu.
3 pin male XLR connector.

Unbalanced Outputs:
Output impedance 47 ohms.
Maximum level +18dBu into 10Kohms.
2 pole 0.25” jack socket.

Frequency Response:
10Hz to 40KHz, +0, -1dB.

Noise: -82dBu (22Hz - 22KHz).

Dynamic Range:

Sidechain Insertion Points:
Unbalanced, switched 3 pin jack socket, tip = send,
ring = return.
Nominal level -2dBu.
Output impedance 47 ohms.
Return input impedance 10Kohms.

Power Requirements:
Rear panel selectable for 220-240V 50Hz or 110-120V 60Hz
Rear panel fuse 20mm, 1AT, 250V.
Power consumption 30VA typical.
Detachable 3 pin IEC connector, mating connector and cable
Front panel On/Off switch with green LED