Product: Meyer Sound CP10

Meyer Sound CP-10
The Meyer Sound CP-10 complementary phase parametric equalizer is a two-channel unit, each channel comprising five bands of fully parametric equalization and individual highand low-cut shelving filters. The CP-10 is designed for precision room equalization in sound reinforcement or studio monitor..

The Meyer Sound CP-10 is a dual-channel parametric equalizer featuring five bands of fully parametric equalization per channel with an additional high and low shelving cut filter for each channel. Any frequency between 60 Hz and 6 kHz can be controlled by two equalization circuits per channel.

Frequencies below 60 Hz and above 6 kHz are controlled by one equalization
circuit and one shelving cut filter per channel.

The front panel occupies 2HE of rack space and the clearly marked controls include individual In/Out switches for each band of equalization.
There are separate, calibrated Center Frequency, Bandwidth and Boost/Cut controls. The complementary
phase circuitry assures controlled phase distortion, even at extreme settings and the dynamic
range of the instrument is better than 110 dB in operation.

The front panel can be removed without affecting any equalization settings, and each of the fourteen
equalization circuits is mounted on its own gold-socketed removable printed circuit board, guaranteeing ease of service. LEDs indicate power status and clip levels. Signal processing is
initiated by a relay that closes only when the power supplies have stabilized. In the event of AC
failure, the unit automatically switches to hardwire bypass

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