Product: EAW KF600 - SB600 set SALE!

All repainted and with new foam.

End-of-year sale, price valid until 31-12

4x EAW KF600 top
4x EAW SB600 sub

€ 3250,- exl vat for the complete set ( € 3932,50 incl VAT )

A 3-way full range system in a vented trapezoidal enclosure.
Includes a 15-in woofer in de bi chamber design with a horn loaded 10 inch mid

Axial Sensitivity (dB SPL/1 Watt/1m)
LF 102 dB SPL
MF 108,5 dB SPL
HF 109 dB SPL
Impedance (Ohms)
LF 8 / MF 8 / HF 12
Power Handling, AES Standard (Watts)
LF 500
MF 300
HF 200
Calculated Maximum Output (dB SPL, @ 1m)
LF Peak 129.0
MF Peak 133.5
HF Peak 132.0
Nominal Coverage Angle / -6 dB points (degrees)
Horizontal 60
Vertical 40

A dedicated subwoofer system with 2x 15-in transducers in a
vented trapezoidal enclosure. Each driver is in its own optimally
vented subenclosure.

The sub bass loudspeaker systems shall incorporate 2x 15-inch LF transducers mounted in separate vented subenclosures
tuned for optimum low frequency response.

System frequency response shall vary no more than ±3 dB from 39 Hz to 200 Hz measured on axis with appropriate
signal processing.

The loudspeaker shall produce a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of 98 dB SPL on axis at 1 meter with a
power input of 1 Watt, and shall be capable of producing a peak output of 137 SPL on axis at 1 meter. The loudspeaker
shall handle 2000 Watts of amplifier power (AES Standard) and shall have a nominal impedance of 4 (2x 8) Ohms.
The loudspeaker enclosure shall be trapezoidal in shape. It shall be constructed of 15mm thickness void-free cross-grainlaminated
Baltic birch plywood and shall employ extensive internal bracing. It shall be finished in black catalyzed polyurethane.
Input connectors shall be one each male and female AP4. A total of six 3-position fly tracks with integral 3/
8”-16 threaded mounting/suspension points (3 each top and bottom) plus six 3/8”-16 threaded mounting/suspension
points (2 each sides and rear) shall be provided. The front of the loudspeaker shall be covered with a vinyl coated perforated
steel grill backed with open cell foam to protect against dust.
The sub bass loudspeaker shall be the EAW model SB600e

Frequency Response (Hz)
±3 db 39Hz (55Hz w/out CCEP) to 200Hz
-10 dB 30Hz (42Hz w/out CCEP)
Axial Sensitivity dB SPL/1 Watt/1m 98dB
Impedance (Ohms) 4 or 2x 8
Power Handling (Watts) AES Standard 2000
Calculated Maximum Output (dB SPL, @ 1m)
Peak 137.0
Long Term 131.0
Dimensions millimeters
Height 845
Width 502
Depth 502
Trapezoid Angle 10 degrees per side
Net Weight 58.7kg