Product: XTA DP428

All in good condition, 4 inputs / 8 outputs

€ 1250,- exl VAT a pc, ( €1512,50 incl VAT )

The DP428 is XTA’s most advanced speaker management system. With 4x8 matrix flexibility and 48dB crossover slopes, sophisticated tools are close at hand.
An array of filters types are available including parametric, shelving, bandpass, notch, and elliptical. Phase on all inputs and outputs is adjustable in 2 degree
steps. AES/EBU inputs and outputs are built-in and easily selectable. Two stages of limiting insure safety further down the audio chain. 96kHz/24-bit internal processing
is on board for pristine audio quality. The DP428 puts XTA’s transparent algorithms to work in a compact 1U package that remains easy to use.

The DP428 is a powerful DSP based audio processor, ideally suited for install applications, where it combines the functions of
a multitude of conventional products in a compact 1U unit with
extensive remote control capabilities. To achieve this, the DP428 has four inputs and eight outputs which can be
configured in a selection of basic crossover modes

4 x 2 way
2 x 3 way + 2 Aux
2 x 4 way
1 x 8 way

It also offers a “free assign” mode, which allows completely flexible routing of any output from any combination of inputs.
Each input has a gain control, variable delay, a 28 band graphic equaliser and a further eight bands of fully parametric
equalisation. The parametric filter bands have a large selection of different filter types available, including shelving,
notch, band-pass, phase and elliptical behaviours. Each output has a gain control, variable delay, high and low
pass crossover filters, nine bands of fully parametric equalisation, polarity switching and, additionally, a fully
featured limiter, and a final clip limiter. The crossover filters offer slopes of up to 48dB/Octave., with a variety of responses

The DP428 is also equipped with AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs, and includes a sample rate converter, capable of
accepting anything from 32 kHz up to 192 kHz. It may be controlled externally by XTA’s proprietary Windows
software, along with existing and future ‘Audiocore’ products.

The DP428 features superb audio quality – carefully optimised double precision signal processing coupled with 24 bit
conversion ensure a dynamic range in excess of 117dB. The high sampling rate of 96 kHz means minimal filtering providing
exceptional sonic purity with a bandwidth in excess of 32 kHz. A flexible 4-input/8-output multi-mode format caters for any
configuration, regardless of scale. Both routing of inputs to outputs, and ganging (for editing) are
completely flexible.

A completely new SHARCTM based DSP platform supplies phenomenal computational power, allowing the unit to
provide not only multiple bands of standard parametric equalisation on every input and output, but an additional full
spectrum graphic equaliser on each of the four inputs. This additional power also permits both program limiters and no
overshoot clip limiters on each output. Delay of up to 650mS may be independently set for each
output, with an exceptionally fine minimum increment of 300nS, which corresponds to a distance change of 0.1mm!
The comprehensive standard specification also includes up to 255 memories, and remote control via MIDI, RS232 or RS485
ports, with security lockout.

Inputs: 4 electronically balanced
Impedance: > 10k ohms.
CMRR : >65dB 50Hz - 10 kHz.
Outputs: 8 electronically balanced
Source Imp: < 60ohms
Min. Load: 600ohm
Max. Level: +20dBm into 600 ohm
Frequency Resp.: +½dB 20Hz-20kHz
-3dB @ 32 kHz
Dyn. Range:>116dB 20Hz-20k unwtd
Distortion:< .02%@1kHz,+18dBm
Maximum Delay: 650 mS
Min Step Size: 0.3 µS
Input Gain: +6dB to -40dB in 0.1dB steps
Output Gain: +15dB to -40dB in 0.1dB steps and mute
Parametric Equalisation:
8 per Input / 9 Sections per Output
Filter Gain: +15dB to -30dB in 0.1dB steps.
Freq. Range: 19.7Hz - 32 kHz, 1/36 octave steps.
Filter Q / BW: 0.4 to 128 / 2.5 to 0.008
(Sections switched to shelving response)
Low frequency: 19.2Hz - 1 kHz
High frequency: 1 kHz - 32 kHz
Shelf gains: 15dB in 0.1dB steps.
High and Lowpass Filters:
Filters: 1 of each per output.
Freq. Range HPF: 10Hz - 16 kHz
1/36 octave steps.
Freq. Range LPF: 35Hz - 22 kHz
1/36 octave steps.
1st Order 6dB/Oct.
Bessel/Butterworth/Linkwitz-Riley 12-24-48dB/Oct.
Bessel/Butterworth 18dB/Oct.

Program Limiter:
Threshold: +22dBu to -10dBu
Attack time: 0.3 to 90 milliseconds
Release time: 2/4/8/16/32 x Attack time
Input meter: 2 x 6 point, -24dB to digital clip.
Output meter: 8 x 6 point, -24dB to +4dB into limit.