Product: Tascam CD-01U PRO (2x)

Beide in nette staat, het betreft de PRO versie, € 199,- exl btw per stuk, incl 3 maanden garantie (240,79 incl btw)

Tascam CD-01U PRO
1-space rackmountable CD Player
CD-R/RW Playback, including 12cm and 8cm CDs
MP3 Playback
20-second RAM buffer for shock protection
Slot-loading CD transport
RCA Unbalanced analog outputs
S/PDIF optical digital output
Repeat, Single-Play and Program playback modes
±12.5% pitch control
Key Original mode allows you to change the speed without changing the pitch
Call function returns to last play start point
Auto Ready and Auto Cue
Fade In/Out function (up to 10 seconds in 1/2 second steps)
Eject block function
Serial control via RS-232C
Wireless remote control
XLR balanced analog outputs (CD-01U Pro)
XLR AES/EBU digital outputs (CD-01U Pro)
Parallel control over 15-pin D-sub (CD-01U Pro)
482.6 x 50 x 333.9 mm
(3.7 kg