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Shure UR4D set:
1x Shure UR4D J5E
2x Shure UR1 belt J5E
2x Shure antenna

J5e = 578 - 638Mhz

Shure UR4D
The UHF-R Wireless Microphone System uses the latest wireless technology, delivers outstanding audio clarity, and is rugged and
reliable. It is easy to set up and operate with advanced features for professional installations requiring multiple wireless microphone
Frequency Band Selection
Shure offers wireless systems in a selection of bands that conform to the different government regulations of specific nations or geographic
regions. These regulations help limit radio frequency (RF) interference among different wireless devices and prevent interference
with local public communications channels, such as television and emergency broadcasts.
The system’s band and frequency range are identified on the face of the receiver and transmitter. For example, “H4 518–578 MHz.”
For information on bands available in your area, consult your local dealer or phone Shure.

Groups and Channels
To transmit audio through a wireless system, the transmitter and receiver must be set to the same radio frequency, or channel. A wide
selection of channels allows more microphones to be used at the same time, since each microphone must operate on a different channel.
It also provides a greater choice of open channels—those that are free from interference from television broadcasts, electronic
devices, or other wireless systems.

A group is a selection of compatible channels. Wireless microphones work better together when set to channels in the same group.
Automatic Frequency Selection
The following features scan the RF environment to find the best group and channel settings for a particular installation.
• Group Scan—finds the group with the most open channels, then sets all networked receivers to channels in that group.
• Channel Scan—finds the first open channel in the currently selected group and sets the receiver to that channel.

Automatic Transmitter Sync
This feature automatically transfers the group and channel settings from a receiver to a transmitter. You can also program other transmitter
settings on a receiver and transfer those settings too.
Interface Lock

This feature locks the receiver and transmitters so that users cannot change settings. The transmitter power switch can also be disabled
so that the transmitter remains on if the power switch is accidentally toggled during a performance.

Audio Gain Structure
The following settings allow you to adjust audio gain throughout the system:
• Sensitivity (bodypack only). A 25 dB range of gain adjustment at the bodypack transmitter input.
• Transmitter Gain. A 30dB range of audio gain adjustment within the transmitter (affects audio level at the receiver, as indicated by
the Audio LEDS.)
• Output Level. 32 dB of attenuation at the receiver output, plus a mute setting.
• Mic/Line switch. –30 dB pad for matching audio levels at the receiver XLR output.
Each receiver has an RJ-45 port on the back for connecting to other receivers over an Ethernet network. Networking receivers allows
you to automatically set channels for all the receivers with a single group scan command. You can also control and monitor all networked
receivers through the Shure Wireless Workbench PC software.

Shure Wireless Workbench Software
The Shure Wireless Workbench software on the supplied CD includes a variety of useful tools for installing and managing multiple
wireless systems. Simply install the software on your computer and connect it to a network of receivers to monitor and control receivers
and transmitters throughout the network.
Instructions on using the Wireless Workbench software are available in the online help files after you install the software.

Shure UR1
UR1 Bodypack Transmitter Overview:

Switchable RF power (10/50mW or 10/100mW, regionally dependent)
Durable, lightweight magnesium construction (3.25 oz / 94 g)
Frequency and power lockout
Bit-mapped backlit LCD display
2 AA Batteries provide up to 8 hours continuous use
Infared automatic transmitter sync
Removable antenna