Product: JBL HLA 4895 + HLA 4897A

In good condition and including warranty!

- 4 pieces JBL HLA 4895 (incl. wheel slides)
- 4 pieces JBL HLA 4897A (incl. wheel slides)
- 8 pieces JBL HLA Couples

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL - €5.999,- excl. VAT per set


SUBWOOFER HLA 4897A BLACK FRIDAY DEAL - €699,- excl. VAT per piece

The HLA Series tour sound loudspeakers provide innovation and performance breakthroughs in every key design area. The HLA system consists of the main three-way cabinet, the HLA-4895, and the matching HLA-4897A subwoofer. In the HLA Series, every detail of a tour sound loudspeaker system has been carefully rethought and re-engineered to maximize output and control while reducing weight, truck space and setup time

JBL HLA 4895 Full Bandwidth Three-Way High-Power
Key Features:
High Technology Transducers — Differential Drive, Direct Cooled™, cone transducers for very low weight and high output with very low power compression. In addition to being 1/3 the weight of conventional transducers, the transducers are also more efficient so a system typically requires fewer amplifiers to achieve the same output levels.
Positionable Waveguide — The HLA-4895 includes a positionable Waveguide assembly that tilts within the SpaceFrame allowing quick setup to achieve precise coverage of any venue without tilting the cabinets themselves.
MultiBand Waveguide™ — Optimized Aperture™ Design provides wideband, controlled coverage with very low distortion.

JBL HLA 4897A HLA-Series Sub-woofer
Key Features:
High Power Transducers — Dual 800 W Differential Drive™ Transducers provide high output with low distortion and minimum power compression.
Integral Composite / SpaceFrame™ Design — Composite enclosure structurally mounted in a trapezoidal aluminum SpaceFrame reduces enclosure losses for greater output, lowers weight. This cabinet is built to the same dimensions as the HLA-4895 full-range cabinet, allowing subwoofers and full-range elements to easily be used anywhere in an array.
Linear Dynamics Aperture™ Vent Design — Virtually eliminates vent compression resulting in higher output, extended bandwidth and lower distortion.