Product: L-acoustics RK124 LA48 rack (6x) SALE!!

We have 6 full RK124 set-ups with L-acoustics LA48 amplifiers for sale.

End-of-year sale, price valid until 31-12

€ 3599,- exl vat, incl 3 months warranty per rack ( € 4354,79 including VAT )

L-acoustics RK12-4
The standard L-ACOUSTICS RK12-4 amplifier rack is twelve rack units high and contains four LACOUSTICS
LA 48 amplifiers.

Due to the switch mode power supply technology employed in the L-ACOUSTICS LA 48, the rack weighs only 98 kg!
Using the COMB connectors located on the Amp Panel (PAD04), the rack can be configured so that A and B channels are independent. Depending on how the rack is to be configured 2-WAY, 3-WAY
or SUB COMB connectors are selected. The COMB connectors route the desired input lines from the 19 pin CA-COM connector via internal XLR breakouts to the appropriate amplifier inputs for A
and B channels, respectively. Using separate COMB connectors for both channels, it is possible to
assign the A channels and the B channels independently. Therefore, half an amplifier rack can power
up to 3 V-DOSC (6 total), 4 SB218 or 4 dV-SUB subwoofers (8 total) or 6 dV-DOSC (12 total).

In terms of construction, the amplifier rack is made of a lightweight aluminum space frame with
heavy duty bracing, internal shock mounting, standard rack rails and provision for rear support of
amplifiers. Clear, unbreakable polycarbonate (lexan) front and rear doors allow the user to see how
the racks are configured and can be conveniently stored in the sides of the rack during use (note: for
ventilation purposes, front and rear doors must always be removed during operation). A high impact
dV-DOSC dV-SUB Manual V2.0 Nov 2001 27
resistant polyethylene cover provides protection for the rack during transport so that no external
case is required. Four recessed Aeroquip flytrack sections are mounted on both sides of the amplifier
rack for flying applications.

L-acoustics RK12-4
- Complete rack with 2 doors
- L-acoustics PAD04 connecor panel
- L-acousticsPADOSEC powersuply 32A
- 4x L-acoustics LA48

L-acoustics LA48
2x 1300W 8 ohm
2x 2100W 4 ohm
2x 2400W 2 ohm