Product: L-acoustics LA17a (4x)

All in good condtion, they will be sold with 3 months warranty.

The L-acoustics LA17a is 100% the same as the Lab Gruppen FP2600

€ 650,- exl vat a pc, incl 3 months warranty. ( €786,50 incl VAT )

The LA17a is a compact, light-weight power amplifier (2 rack units
high, 8 kg) designed for high quality touring applications and fixed
installation. Capable of delivering up to 1200 watts per channel
into 2 ohms, the LA17a can also be configured to match the power
delivered to a wide range of impedance loads through use of
Minimum Load Select (MLS) switches. MLS flexibility allows
the LA17a to be customized to suit a variety of L-ACOUSTICS
loudspeaker models and applications.

2x 430W rms 8 hom
2x 840W rms 4 ohm
2x 1200W rms 2 ohm
1x 1680W rms 8 ohm
1x 2400W rms 4 ohm