Product: Electro Voice RCM-26 (4x)

All in very good condition.

€ 150,- exl vat a pc, incl 3 months warranty ( €181,50 incl VAT )

This module will fit in all Dynacord and Electro voice amplifier with a Slot for the card like the TG-, or H-series.

Electro Voice RCM-26
The RCM-26 Remote Control Module is a optional
module for supervision and remote control of
power amplifiers.
RCM-26 modules allow the integration of amplifiers
into a remote control network with up to 100
devices. By using multiple networks within an
IRIS-Net project up to 250 amplifiers can be used
in total. Besides digital signal processing functions,
the RCM-26 also offers a digital audio input
(AES/EBU), a RS-232 port and freely programmable
control inputs and control outputs.

Additional features:
• 116 dB dynamic range - for best audio performance
• High DSP power - extensive signal processing
including Equalizer, Crossover, Delay, Dynamics
• FIR filter - Linear Phase Filter, Zero Latency Filter,
Linear Phase Brickwall Crossover
• Speaker protection - Peak Anticipation and
TEMP (Thermal Energy Management and Protection)
• Impedance measurement - testing from 20 Hz to
20 kHz

RCM-26 features include:

Extend Tour Grade performance with powerful DSP functionality
Advanced FIR-Drive loudspeaker optimization
High precision load impedance supervision
Two GPI and two GPO ports
One-button system test for fast, complete check of connected cables and components
Pilot tone detection for cable supervision
Six recallable DSP/configuration presets
Parallel RJ-45 CAN bus conne