Product: Crest CA6

Crest Audio CA6 professional power amplifier.

Price : €299,- excl. VAT (€361,79 incl. VAT) per piece

2x 400W rms 8 ohm
2x 600W rms 4 ohm
2x 750W rms 2 ohm
1200W 8 ohm
1500W 4 ohm

Absolute sonic accuracy is the hallmark of every Crest amplifier.
Bass is solid and defined to the limits of audibility, with ample
current reserves delivered by an “over-engineered” power supply
and advanced Class H circuitry. Wide-bandwidth output devices
assure detailed, transparent high frequency response. And, thanks
to Crest’s exclusive IGM circuit, the CA6 will drive 2? loads
safely without compromise in performance.


• Crest’s legendary “overbuilt” power supply
• Toroidal power transformer
• Latest generation of high-speed, wide-bandwidth output
• Twin tunnel cooling with back-to-front air flow
• Dual, variable speed DC fans
• Massive, extruded aluminum heat sinks
• Balanced XLR and 1/4-inch (TRS) inputs
• 5-Way binding post outputs or Speakon™ connectors
(market dependent)
• Stereo/parallel/bridged mono mode selector switch
• Ground lift switch
• TourClass® protection circuits:
- ACL (Active Clip Limiting) prevents speaker damage with
gentle gain reduction at clip threshold.
- IGM (Instantaneous Gain Modulation) monitors speaker
loads to detect conditions that may overstress output
devices, allowing safe operation into nominal 2? impedances.
- AutoRamp gradually increases gain to attenuator setting
level when amplifier is turned on.
- TourClass also includes comprehensive thermal management, and short circuit, DC voltage, turn-on/off transient,
current inrush and sub/ultrasonic input protection.
• Input sensitivity selection
• Recessed, stepped attenuators
• Front panel circuit breaker switch
• Modular construction