Product: Yamaha D2040 Digital Channel Divider

Yamaha D2040 is a 2 channel input and 8 channel output digital crossover.

Price : €599,- (marge product - no VAT)

Outstanding audio quality is clearly reflected in its remarkable 110-dB signal-to-noise ratio and precise response 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Top-performance A/D and D/A converters. The A/D converters are advanced 1-bit types that deliver 19-bit resolution with extraordinary linearity. 20-bit linear-quantization D/A converters (8 of them, in all) deliver high audio precision.

Motor-drive Analog Output Faders
Faders are specially-selected high-quality units that deliver smooth, reliable attenuation without noise. Motor-drive operation makes it possible to store and recall fader settings.

Analog and Digital Inputs
All analog inputs and outputs are electronically balanced via reliable XLR type connectors, while direct digital audio input is accepted in AES/EBU or Yamaha Y2 format.

4 Full-band Channels for Total versatility
The D2040 divides a stereo input into four independently programmable stereo output channels. All channels offer full audio band coverage.

Independent Filter, EQ, Compressor, and Delay For Each Channel
In addition to a programmable crossover filter, each channel of the D2040 includes a 2-band parametric equalizer, a compressor/limiter, and a digital delay with a range of 0 to 1365,313 ms (at Fs=48khz).
15 Memory Locations for Complete Divider Setups
Up to 15 complete divider setups - including the motor-drive analog attenuator settings- can be stored in internal RAM memory.
Easy, Efficient Editing
A 16-character by 2-line LCD display panel shows all prompts and parameters necessary for fast, easy operation. The Parameter LINK function allows parameters for specified channels to be set simultaneously and the Master Link function independently links the left-channel and right-channel attenuators.

RS-485 Port for Remote and Multi-unit Control
An RS-485 serial interface that allows all parameters to be controlled from an external computer. The port also allows several D2040 units to be chained for simultaneous control.