Product: Martin Audio WT15 (4 in stock)

The ultra-compact WT15 is a trapezoid full-range speaker capable of producing SPL’s associated with much larger enclosures. It is designed specifically for theatre applications where minimum size is a priority.

Price €275,- excl. VAT (€332,75 incl. VAT) per set of two (2), including:

- 2x HTKWT15 Flying yoke (see pictures);
- 3 months warranty.


Only 11" high, it produces extended bandwidth and has high output capability from twin 5" (125mm) drivers
assembled in an innovative two-way configuration utilising ICT™ technology. To maximise output, the 5"
(125mm) loudspeaker is augmented by a second 5" (125mm) driver operating in tandem over the bass and
mid-range region. HF dispersion is identical in both horizontal and vertical planes.
The system also features externally switchable 4 or 16 ohm operation. Input configuration is also externally
switchable, allowing daisy chaining of cabinets even when fed with different input signals.
Special fittings allow installation under-balcony, for stage or front-fill siting, or it can be mounted on standard
microphone stands.

TYPE Ultra-compact, two-way ICT™ trapezoid
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (5) 120Hz-20kHz ± 3dB
DRIVERS 5" (125mm) bass driver
5" (125mm) ICT™ driver
RATED POWER (2) 75W AES, 300W peak
MAXIMUM SPL (calculated @ 1m) 110dB continuous, 116dB peak
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE Externally switchable 4 or 16 ohms
DISPERSION (-6dB) 80º horizontal, 80º vertical
ENCLOSURE 5 litre, rear vented
FINISH Textured black paint
PROTECTIVE GRILLE Black perforated steel
CONNECTORS 2 x Neutrik NL4 switchable for
input +1,-1 or +2,-2
FITTINGS 2 x 3/8" flush mounted nut plates
on base and top
4 x M4 inserts for Omnimount 50
DIMENSIONS (W) 172mm x (H) 282mm x (D) 172mm
(W) 6.8ins x (H) 11ins x (D) 6.8ins
WEIGHT 5kg (11lbs)