Product: Crest Vs650

The Crest Vs650 integrates cost-effective design with exception-al sonic accuracy, long-term reliability, and basic featuresrequired for a variety of professional applications.

Price €150,- (no VAT - marge product)

2x 200W 8 ohm
2x 325W 4 ohm
2x 400W 2 ohm
650W 8 ohm
800W 4 ohm


- Robust "Over-built" Power Supply
- Massive filter capacitorsand a high output custom transformer provide ample current forsolid bass performance, even when driving low impedance loads.
- More Output Transistors
- By using more output devices thanmany comparable competitive models, the Vs650 puts less stresson each device for a wider safe operating area (SOA) and long-term reliability.
- Frequency response extends from 10Hzto 20kHz (-3dB at 165kHz), ensuring powerful sub-bass perfor-mance as well as detailed, transparent high frequency response.
- Effective Cooling
- Large, extruded aluminum heatsink andfront-mounted, two-speed 4-inch fan minimize internal temperatures to prolong amplifier life.
- Rated for Sustained Operation into 2ohm loads
- Front Panel Magnetic Circuit Breaker/Power Switch
- Eliminates need for AC line fuses.
- TourClass Protection CircuitsACL (Active Clip Limiting) prevents speaker damage withgentle gain reduction at clip threshold.IGM (Instantaneous Gain Modulation)
- monitors connectedloads to detect conditions that may overstress output devices,allowing safe operation into nominal 2 ohm impedances.AutoRamp gradually increases gain to attenuator settinglevel when the amplifier is turned on.
- TourClass also includes protection from thermal runaway,input overload, DC, short circuit, in-rush current, and turn-on/turn-off transients.
- Rear Panel Detented Attenuators
- Differentially-balanced 1/4" TRS and Barrier Strip InputConnectors
- Five-Way Binding Post or Speakon Output Connectors(market dependent)
- LED Indicators for Signal Present and Clip (each channel),Active, and Protect• Stereo/Bridged Mono Mode Select Switch