Product: dbx® Professional DriveRack 4800

Designed to provide incredible flexibility, sonic excellence and intuitive control for performance applications, the DriveRack® 4800 is the new flagship of the hugely successful DriveRack family. From the powerful 96 kHz DSP engine and standard analog and digital I/O, to the QVGA display and multiple control surfaces, the 4800 provides all the processing, flexibility and control necessary for both installation and live use. The menu-based set-up procedure includes selectable DSP inserts on all inputs and outputs including classic dbx compression, limiting and advanced feedback suppression (AFS) among others.

In very good condition, and including 3 months warranty.

Price €999,- excl. VAT (€1.208,79 incl. VAT)


48 and 96 kHz operation
Color QVGA Display
4 analog and AES/EBU inputs
8 analog and AES/EBU outputs
Optional Jensen® I/O Transformers
Full Bandpass Filter, Crossover and Routing Configurations with Bessel, Butterworth, and Linkwitz-Riley filters
31-Band Graphic and 9-band Parametric EQ on every input
6-band Parametric EQ on every output
Loudspeaker Cluster and driver Alignment Delays
Selectable DSP inserts on all inputs and outputs including Classic dbx Compression, Limiting and Advanced Feedback Suppression among others
Ethernet HiQnet™ networking control
dbx ZC wall panel control