Product: QSC E15 + GP218-sw Set

The E15 is a trapezoidal, two-way loudspeaker featuring a 15-inch, 500 W, die cast aluminum frame woofer with a 3.5-inch voice coil. It is intended for use when highpower and powerful low-end are needed from a full-range loudspeaker. A massive 2.8-inch compression driver attached to the 75° DMT waveguide ensures that even the furthermost listeners will hear clearly.

The GP218-sw is a premium, highperformance, direct radiating dual 18-inch subwoofer designed for use in portable and installed sound applications. This powerful subwoofer offers plenty of “punch” while maintaining ample extension so the musically important fundamentals are solidly and accurately reproduced. With an impressive combination of low-frequency extension and musical accuracy, the GP218-sw is an ideal companion to QSC’s WideLine Series, ILA Series, AcousticPerformance™ Series and AcousticDesign™ Series loudspeakers.

Set price €1.698,- excl. VAT (€2.054,58 incl. BTW) including

- 2 x E15 loudspeaker;
- 1 x GP218-sw subwoofer.

+ available in-store
+ 3 months warranty
+ tested and approved by our own technicians
+ shipped to your door worldwide


Description - E15
- 381 mm (15-inch) driver with 89 mm (3.5-inch) voice coil
- 38 mm (1.5-inch) exit, 71 mm (2.8-inch) voice coil, compression driver
Nominal impedance - 8 ohms
RMS handling capacity - 500 W / 2000 W
Maximum SPL - 130 dB
Usable bandwith - 43 Hz - 20 kHz
W x H x D - 420 x 716 x 445 mm
Weight - 31 kg


Description - GP218-sw
Components - Dual premium-grade, long excursion, high power 18-inch transducers
Nominal impedance - 4 ohms
RMS handling capacity - 1700 W
Maximum SPL - 141 dB
Low frequency limit - 24 Hz
W x H x D - 508 – 1198 – 762 mm
Weight - 87 kg