d&b audiotechnik C7 SetC7-TOP, C7-SUB and P1200A

Dynacord F 150 + C P18-1 SetHigh power 2-way system with 18" subwoofer

QSC K12 (2x) + flightcase1000 W powered loudspeaker

Martin Audio WT2 (with flightcase)Arrayable two-way compact theatre enclosure
Set of two pieces

Martin Audio WT15 (4 in stock)Ultra-compact theatre enclosure

Soundsale Stackframe for L-Acoustics ARCS WiFo [new]New in box

L-Acoustics ARCS Focus (set of 2)Constant curvature WST enclosure

Kling & Freitag (K&F) ACCESS T5 T9 B5 Set4x Kling & Freitag T5 / T9
4x Kling & Freitag B5
1x Kling & Freitag Access controller

L-Acoustics ARCS II (new color)Full-range element

Soundsale Dolly for 6 pieces L-Acoustics KaraNew in box

JBL VerTec Series VT4880 VT4888 I-Tech 12000HD24 x VT4888 line array
12 x VT4880 subwoofer

JBL JBL VerTec Series VT4880 VT4888 I-Tech 12000HD12 x VT4888 line array
6 x VT4880 subwoofer

L-Acoustics MTD108a (Set of 2)Single point source radiation and excellent phase response

JBL PRX715XLF - NEW - (set of 2)15" Self-Powered Extended Low

Kling & Freitag (K&F) CA 106 (4 pieces)2-way full range loudspeaker

dBTechnologies Arena 12 + SW18 Set2x DB Technologies Arena 12
1x DB Technologies Arena SW18

L-Acoustics KS28High-Power Subwoofer

QSC K12.2 (b-stock)2000 W powered loudspeaker

QSC K10.2 (b-stock)2000 W powered loudspeaker

QSC K8.2 (b-stock)2000 W Powered Loudspeaker

RCF NXL 24-A + SUB 8003-AS II set2 x NXL 24-A
2 x SUB 8003-AS II

JBL MRX528S (set of 2)Dual 18 inch Bass-Reflex Subwoofer

JBL STX835 (set of 2)Dual 15" Three-Way
Horn-Loaded MF/HF

QSC E15 + GP218-sw SetE15 full-range loudspeakers plus dual 18-inch subwoofer

QSC GP218-swDual 18-inch Subwoofer

Electro-Voice Rx112 + Rx1182 x Rx-112/75
2 x Rx-118S

Electro-Voice ZX3-90 12 inch fullrange
set incl flightcase

Electro-Voice RX112/75 set12 inch top cabinet / monitor
including flightcase

Electro-Voice XLc127DVX (18 pieces)120º Horizontal
3?Way Compact Line Array Element

QSC HPR122i (2x) HPR181i set (2x)Powered Loudspeakers

Proel Axiom EDGE121SPDirect radiation 21" subwoofer

Martin Audio H3T setAll-horn three-way system

Martin Audio WLX-GSVery high output Hybrid® folded horn/reflex loaded subwoofer system

JBL SRX712M (Set of 2)12" Two-Way Stage Monitor/Utility Speaker

Adamson Y10 (16 pieces)Including dolly, cover and rigging frame

QSC E15 (Set of 2 - ex demo)15" Two-Way Passive Loudspeaker

GAE 222M (2 sets available)2 x 222M stage monitor

QSC HPR152i15" 2-way full-range loudspeaker

GAE WaveLine PT (Set of 12 elements)Line-array system
2-way full-range, vented/hornloaded

QSC K12.2 / KW181 Set (2x - ex demo - powered)Including remaining manufacturer's warranty
approximately 6 years

L-acoustics 8XTW (white - ex demo)2-way passive coaxial enclosure
8'' LF + 1.5'' HF diaphragm

L-acoustics KIVARAL (RAL9016 - white - 4 in stock)Ex-demo
2-way passive ultra compact WST® enclosure

Pioneer Pro Audio XPRS 12 / XPRS 215S (set)1200W active speaker (2x)
1200W powered subwoofer (2x)

L-acoustics K2-2 packageFull range element of a WST line source
Complete set of 12, incl rigging

EAW KF600 - SB600 set SALE!4x dual 15 inch sub
4x hornloaded top

JBL HLA 4895 top (12x) SALE!Highpower 3-way
horn loaded

JBL  VRX 915m set SALE!Compacte light weight 15 inch monitoren ( per 2 incl case )

Ohm RW6 / BP set SALE!Dual 15 inch top
Dual 15 inch sub

Samson RS12m set SALE!12 inch top / monitor

Martin Audio Wave front serie (3x) SALE!Complete stack PA
including amplifiers

QSC KW152 (set)Powerd 15 inch fullrange
incl tote

JBL 3310 set of 12 pcs2-way cinema speaker

JBL HLA Compleet highpower systeem
4 toppen, 4 subs

JBL SRX715 - SRX718s (set)2x JBL SRX715 incl cover
2x JBL SRX718s incl cover

Nexo RS15 (2x)Dual 15 inch
Carped version

Nexo  RS15 (2x)Dual 15 inch
Carped version

RCF V35 (ex demo)Demo model
15 inch full range

QSC AP5152 - GP118sw2x QSC AP5152
2x QSC GP118SW

QSC AP5152 - GP2182x QSC AP5152
1x QSC GP218Sw

Martin Audio H3T - S218 set2x Martin audio H3T
2x Martin audio S218

EAW JFX260i set12 inch fullrange
including flightcase

Martin audio W8L Longbow set24x Martin audio W8L Longbow
including lab gruppen amplifiers