Martin Audio WT2 (with flightcase)Arrayable two-way compact theatre enclosure
Set of two pieces

L-Acoustics ARCS Wide-2 + SB18m-2Line source system + LF extension

L-Acoustics ARCS Wide + SB18mLine source system + LF extension

L-Acoustics ARCS Focus-2 + ARCS Wide-2 + SB18m-2ARCS WiFo system
2 x Focus-2 / 2 x Wide-2 / 4 x SB18m-2

L-Acoustics ARCS Focus-2 + SB18m-2ARCS WiFo system
4 x Focus-2 / 4 x SB18m-2

L-Acoustics 115XT HiQCoaxial Stage Monitor

L-Acoustics ARCS FocusConstant curvature WST® enclosure

L-Acoustics 12XT-2 (set of 2)Coaxial enclosure

Martin Audio W8C SetW8C, W8CS and WS218X
complete with amp racks

d&b audiotechnik C4 + B2 SetC4-TOP, C4-SUB and B2

L-Acoustics SB218High power subwoofer

L-Acoustics ARCS Focus (set of 2)Constant curvature WST enclosure

Proel Axiom EDGE121SPDirect radiation 21" subwoofer

NEXO Alpha Series SetE-F full range + S2 subwoofer

L-Acoustics MTD108a (set of 2)Coaxial speaker

Mackie Thump 12A1300 W powered loudspeaker

L-Acoustics MTD108a (set of 2)Coaxial speaker

L-Acoustics X15 HiQ (per 2)Reference stage monitor

JBL HLA 4895 + HLA 4897ACompleet highpower systeem
4 toppen, 4 subs

L-Acoustics ARCS II (new color)Full-range element

d&b audiotechnik C7 SetC7-TOP, C7-SUB and P1200A

Dynacord F 150 + C P18-1 SetHigh power 2-way system with 18" subwoofer

QSC K12 (2x) + flightcase1000 W powered loudspeaker

Soundsale Stackframe for L-Acoustics ARCS WiFo [new]New in box

Kling & Freitag (K&F) ACCESS T5 T9 B5 Set4x Kling & Freitag T5 / T9
4x Kling & Freitag B5
1x Kling & Freitag Access controller

Soundsale Dolly for 6 pieces L-Acoustics KaraNew in box

JBL VerTec Series VT4880 VT4888 I-Tech 12000HD24 x VT4888 line array
12 x VT4880 subwoofer

JBL JBL VerTec Series VT4880 VT4888 I-Tech 12000HD12 x VT4888 line array
6 x VT4880 subwoofer

L-Acoustics MTD108a (Set of 2)Single point source radiation and excellent phase response

JBL PRX715XLF - NEW - (set of 2)15" Self-Powered Extended Low

dBTechnologies Arena 12 + SW18 Set2x DB Technologies Arena 12
1x DB Technologies Arena SW18

QSC K12.2 (b-stock)2000 W powered loudspeaker

QSC K10.2 (b-stock)2000 W powered loudspeaker

QSC K8.2 (b-stock)2000 W Powered Loudspeaker

JBL MRX528S (set of 2)Dual 18 inch Bass-Reflex Subwoofer

JBL STX835 (set of 2)Dual 15" Three-Way
Horn-Loaded MF/HF

QSC E15 + GP218-sw SetE15 full-range loudspeakers plus dual 18-inch subwoofer

QSC GP218-swDual 18-inch Subwoofer

Electro-Voice Rx112 + Rx1182 x Rx-112/75
2 x Rx-118S

Electro-Voice RX112/75 set12 inch top cabinet / monitor
including flightcase

Electro-Voice XLc127DVX (18 pieces)120º Horizontal
3?Way Compact Line Array Element

Martin Audio H3T setAll-horn three-way system

Martin Audio WLX-GSVery high output Hybrid® folded horn/reflex loaded subwoofer system

JBL SRX712M (Set of 2)12" Two-Way Stage Monitor/Utility Speaker

Adamson Y10 (16 pieces)Including dolly, cover and rigging frame

QSC E15 (Set of 2 - ex demo)15" Two-Way Passive Loudspeaker

GAE 222M (2 sets available)2 x 222M stage monitor

QSC HPR152i15" 2-way full-range loudspeaker

GAE WaveLine PT (Set of 12 elements)Line-array system
2-way full-range, vented/hornloaded

L-acoustics 8XTW (white - ex demo)2-way passive coaxial enclosure
8'' LF + 1.5'' HF diaphragm

L-acoustics KIVARAL (RAL9016 - white - 4 in stock)Ex-demo
2-way passive ultra compact WST® enclosure

Pioneer Pro Audio XPRS 12 / XPRS 215S (set)1200W active speaker (2x)
1200W powered subwoofer (2x)

L-acoustics K2-2 packageFull range element of a WST line source
Complete set of 12, incl rigging

EAW KF600 - SB600 set SALE!4x dual 15 inch sub
4x hornloaded top

JBL HLA 4895 top (12x) SALE!Highpower 3-way
horn loaded

JBL  VRX 915m set SALE!Compacte light weight 15 inch monitoren ( per 2 incl case )

Samson RS12m set SALE!12 inch top / monitor

QSC KW152 (set)Powerd 15 inch fullrange
incl tote

JBL SRX715 - SRX718s (set)2x JBL SRX715 incl cover
2x JBL SRX718s incl cover

Nexo  RS15 (2x)Dual 15 inch
Carped version

RCF V35 (ex demo)Demo model
15 inch full range

QSC AP5152 - GP118sw2x QSC AP5152
2x QSC GP118SW

QSC AP5152 - GP2182x QSC AP5152
1x QSC GP218Sw

Martin Audio H3T - S218 set2x Martin audio H3T
2x Martin audio S218

EAW JFX260i set12 inch fullrange
including flightcase

Martin audio W8L Longbow set24x Martin audio W8L Longbow
including lab gruppen amplifiers