Product: Gravity MS QC 1 B

The MS QC 1 B is a coupler for rapid and effortless mic clip and boom arm mounting. The clever two-piece construction of black powder coated aluminium and steel features a 5/8" female thread stem that attaches to the mic stand and a 3/8" male thread crown that attaches to mic clips or boom arm hubs. The smart groove and ball plus hex lock design ensures solid coupling and perfect alignment. The MS QC 1 B Quick Coupler includes a dual thread adapter to provide universal compatibility with all mic stands, clips and boom arms.

Product type: Quick coupler
Material: Aluminium
Colour: black
Surface: powder-coated
Height: 90 mm
Thread stand: 5/8"
Thread microphone: 3/8"
Black ring set included: no
€12,50 inclusief BTW
€10,33 exclusief BTW