Product: Gravity SP 3332 TPB

The SP 3332 TPB is a 35 mm pole to mount satellite speakers on subwoofers. The heavy duty construction of powder coated steel is height adjustable from 105 to 140 cm. The SP 3332 TP B features a 35 mm bottom end and steel collar with set screw and safety pin to securely lock the extension pole in place. The base tube is a two-piece assembly that can be unscrewed to result in an amazingly short transport length of 54 cm only. The SP 3332 TP B comes with a convenient rubber retainer to secure the safety pin during transport.

Product type: distance pole
Tube material: steel
Tube colour: black
Tube surface: powder-coated
Min. height: 1050 mm
Max. height: 1400 mm
Transport length: 540 mm
Height-adjustable: yes
Type of height adjustment: Clamp with safety pin
Material of height adjustment: steel
Lower connector: 35 mm
Upper connector: 35 mm
Max. load: 40 kg
Black ring set included: yes
Interchangeable Rings: 1 x 30 mm
€28,95 inclusief BTW
€23,92 exclusief BTW