Product: Crest Rotary CP 6220 - 6210 set

Very nice offer, as long they are on stock, last stock both from Crest!

Complete NEW in box: Mixer CP6210 and Expander CP6220 now only €1199 including VAT (€990,91 excl VAT)

Crest CP6210
A complete, expandable music mixing system designed for DJs and production experts, the CP-6210 / 6220 are equally at home in bars , restaurant lounges or remixers’ studios. They look like we stole the knobs of your Aunt Minnie’s old Admiral television. But inside is state-of-the-art Crest Audio circuit design. Both the CP-6210 and 6220 are truly studio quality in every respect with clean, direct signal paths and less-is-more ergonomics.

Five aux inputs with level controls, selectable from all channel strips. Stereo and mono House outputs with balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connectors. Stereo and mono Booth outputs with ground-compensated TRS and unbalanced RCA connectors. Channel 5 and 6 inputs have rear-panel low and high EQ, -input level controls and mic/line level switches

Six mono input channels
Four phono/line inputs
Two mic/line inputs
LED channel indicators
4-band program EQ
Separate House, Booth and Headphone output level -controls
Effects loop with Bypass switch
Cue Source selector
Pre- /post-effects Tape outputs

Crest CP6220
It has everything your DJ needs including multiple turn-table and CD inputs, DJ-style EQ, variable cross-fade contour and complete metering. The replacable cross-fader is voltage-controlled which means no actual audio goes through its mechanical parts. That means clean sound even after thousands of nights of hard use.

Connects to CP-6210 via -ribbon cable — no line cord required
Six channels of DJ-style EQ with 12dB total cut and 6dB boost
A/B/Program switch on each channel
Field-replacable, voltage--controlled cross-fader
Continuously variable cross-fade shape instead of just a 3-position switch
A/B Swap (Hampster)
Separate stereo LED ladders for CP-6210 Cue Mix, A Mix, B Mix and Program Mix
€1.199,00 inclusief BTW
€990,90 exclusief BTW