Product: QSC Touchmix 8


- 12 total inputs: 8 mic, (four with XLR/TRS combo connector) and two stereo line
- Stereo Main L/R outputs (XLR)
- Four mono auxiliary mixes (XLR).
- Mono auxiliaries may be linked for stereo use.
- Auxes 3/4 can also drive wired in-ear monitors (IEM) directly.
- Superb sound quality
- Class-A microphone pre-amps
- 32-bit floating point processing
- 24-bit AD & DA convertors
- Input channels are fully-featured:
- Four-band full parametric EQ
- Variable high-cut and low-cut filters
- Gate
- Compressor (with de-esser)
- Main and auxiliary outputs feature:
- 1/3-octave graphic EQ
- Limiter
- Delay
- Notch filters
- Four professional quality stereo DSP effects. Choose from:
- Two types of reverb
- Mono delay
- Stereo delay
- Chorus
- Pitch-change
- A pitch correct processor is assignable to any input channel.
- Eight DCA and eight mute groups.
- Color, capacitive touch screen graphical user interface combined with hardware controls for fast and intuitive operation.
- Input channel preset library features over 100 presets developed by experienced concert engineers specifically for live sound applications.
- Wizards assist with input gain adjustment and effects selection and routing.
- On board Info system gives you instant access to the user manual.
- Save your own channel presets and complete mixer scenes to internal memory or USB device.
- Capturing live performance to multi-track has never been easier. Record 14 tracks (all inputs plus a stereo mix) directly to USB hard-drive. Mix down on TouchMix or import into your favorite DAW.
- Remote control via iPad®.
- USB Wi-Fi interface and carrying case are included.

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