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Crown Audio I-Tech 4000

 849,00 excl. VAT

The Crown I-T4000 is a two-channel power amplifier designed for professional touring sound or fixed installation use. The unique hybrid design of the I-T4000 melds the high power, high output voltage, and clean transient response of a huge, heavy, old-school power amp, with onboard programmable DSP dynamics processing, computer networking capability, digital connectivity, and 24-bit/96 kHz A/D – D/A converters. All of which is packed into a lightweight 2 RU chassis of aluminum construction, weighing only 28 lbs. The rear panel of the I-T4000 is largely devoted to color-coded connector groups, all separately grouped and clearly labeled, which certainly simplifies the setup process.
  • 1 x  I-Tech 4000.

Crown Audio

Product category

Onboard DSP



Rated power output (per channel at 2Ω)

1800 W

Rated power output (per channel at 4Ω)

2000 W

Rated power output (per channel at 8Ω)

1250 W


89 mm (2U)


12.7 kg