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d&b audiotechnik C7

 8.999,00 excl. VAT

The C7-TOP is a 2-way horn loaded loudspeaker that exhibits true constant directivity above a frequency of 600 Hz, ensuring equal sound within the coverage area. The bass-reflex design of the low end allows the C7-TOP to be used without a subwoofer, and with its medium to high sound pressure levels and extended directivity it is ideal for balcony or stadium sound reinforcement, delay and background music playback. The C7-SUB is a bass-reflex subwoofer specifically designed for use with the C7-TOP providing dynamic performance with high impulse program, a tight full sound and high efficiency. Its extra large bass-reflex tunnel guarantees high sound pressure while minimizing power compression and air turbulence noise.
  • 2 x C7-TOP with wooden lit and cover;
  • 4 x C7-SUB with wooden lit and cover;
  • 2 x PA1200A with controller modules for C7-TOP and C7-SUB (without flightcase).

d&b audiotechnik

Product category


Speaker type



Components – 15" driver /1.5" compression driver
Nominal impedance – 8 ohms
RMS handling capacity – 200 W
Maximum SPL – 136 dB
Usable bandwith – 68 Hz – 18 kHz
W x H x D – 580 x 580 x 620 mm
Weight – 52 kg


Components – Long excursion 18" driver
Nominal impedance – 8 ohms
RMS handling capacity – 400 W
Maximum SPL – 133 dB
Usable bandwith – 44 Hz – 140 Hz
W x H x D – 580 x 740 x 620 mm
Weight – 49 kg


Output power at 4 Ohms – 2 x 600 W
Inputs – 2 x analog
Built-in DSP (Yes/No) – Yes, fitted with appropriate controllers
Height – 3U
Weight – 22 kg