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8x JBL Professional VTX S28

 16.000,00 excl. VAT

VTX series dual 18″ subwoofers employ two 2269H 18″ transducers featuring Differential Drive technology with two voice coils, two neodymium magnets and extremely high peak-to peak excursion capabilities to deliver extended very low frequency performance.
  • 8 x JBL VTX S28;
  • 8 x JBl dolly + cover;
  • Crown amplifier racks optionally available with I-Tech 12000HD / I-Tech 4x3500HD.

JBL Professional

Product category


Speaker type



2 x 2269H Differential Drive® 18"

Continuous power rating

2 x 2000 W

Usable bandwidth

> 24 Hz

Dimensions (W x H x D)

1222 x 494 x 927 mm


83 kg