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Klark Teknik DN7453

 399,00 excl. VAT

From the manufacturers of the original digital delay line, the new Klark Teknik DN7453 is the successor to the well-known DN7103 time alignment unit. Again featuring one input and three outputs (all electronically balanced) in a 1RU format, the DN7453 can provide no less than 5.4s delay between any input and output. This is more than enough for even the most strenuous time-alignment tasks, including delay towers for live sound reinforcement, satellite links and audio / video synchronisation. High quality linear 24-bit AD/DA convertors combined with 48-bit filter algorithms and two 24-bit Motorola signal processors provide a dynamic range of 115dB.
  • 1 x Klark Teknik DN7453.

Klark Teknik

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45 mm (1U)