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Soundcraft Series FOUR 48+4

 1.749,00 excl. VAT

Series FOUR is a live sound mixer for Front-of-House applications. A comprehensive featureset makes it ideal for budget-conscious touring applications, where the familiar control layout found on its big brother the Series FIVE will be highly appreciated. The FOUR is equipped with 48 mono inputs into 8 group busses, 10 Aux busses and stereo and mono main mix busses. Four full-function stereo input channels are also included in each frame in addition to the mono modules. The output section includes 8 VCA groups, and a 16×8 matrix section, which includes feeds from two of the Aux busses.
  • 1 x Soundcraft Series FOUR 48+4;
  • 1 x flightcase for Series FOUR 48+4;
  • including power supply.


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Dimensions (W x H x D)

2128 x 375 x 723 mm


121 kg