product qualification

We take care of your products.

Quality is one of the values we believe in. That is why we give a 3-month warranty on most of our products.


Our customers are professionals who must be able to rely on the quality of their products for many years. That is why we believe it is important that the products we sell are in great condition.

Therefore, every product we sell is fully checked by our own technical service department. From speaker to amplifier, everything is tested with the human hearing as well as with microphones and measurement equipment.

The quality of the products is our priority, and that is supported with good advice and 3 months warranty on almost all of our products.

testing our products

Our experience shows that 60% of the products we receive require some form of maintenance or repair to meet our quality standards.

We cover the essential specifications of the products in our tests. A measurement platform from Klippel, an innovative leader in providing unique test equipment audio systems, is being used to make sure the products meet our standards for quality.

In addition, all products are provided with a unique QR code. This QR code is a link between the products’ status and log information. The log information contains detailed information on the executed tests and possible repairs.

Product Control

how we test our products

Speaker testing

For speakers, our test process always starts with a visual inspection. Existing rigging parts are inspected for safety. The last part of the visual inspection is to check whether there are original drivers mounted, and if the speaker contains the correct components as listed by the manufacturer.

Our testing process continues with the actual testing of the speaker. We use a software and hardware measurement platform from Klippel to perform both acoustical and electrical tests. The interface and associated software allows us to test the speakers for phase, impedance, distortion and SPL. The data obtained makes it possible to identify defects more quickly and accurately.

In addition, the measuring platform is more reliable and safer for us. Performing tests with human hearing for a longer period of time entails a physical and mental burden on the tester.

This in combination with fatigue and reduced focus makes human testing less reliable. By carrying out the tests using the measuring platform, the tester is also not exposed to a high and harmful noise level.

Amplifier testing

All amplifiers we receive will also be tested following our test procedure. By using a dummy load we can test the amplifers under full load, without having noise. A link with the measurement platform gives us the opportunity to examine how the amplifier responds to a full load.

For example. We see the output power that the amplifier supplies, which distortion may be present and what happens to the output signal when the limiter of the amplifier actively intervenes.

This in combination with an endurance test is the way for us to ensure that the amplifiers we sell are technically in great condition.

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committed to 100% quality products.

3 months warranty on almost all our products.

We give you our unique 3-month warranty on every product we sell. This is in addition to a piece of service for you as a customer, mainly because we fully believe in the quality of our products. In the unlikely event that your products shows a hitch or defect, we will solve it. In many situations we can also offer you a loan product so that you and your customers will not be affected during the repair.

The terms of our warranty are as follows. As a guideline, we use the warranty terms and conditions that our suppliers offer on new products during normal use and maintenance. Within our 3-month warranty, the product is repaired or replaced free of charge.

Shipping costs for sending products to us are the responsibility of the sender. We will pay for the return shipment with warranty repairs.


If a product is showing defects, our in house technical service experts will ensure that it is repaired as quickly as possible. In addition to repairs of purchased products, you can also offer your own pro audio products for repair. This can vary from regular maintenance to a PCB repair, and from reconing drivers to painting a speaker cabinet.

Through years of experience, our team has extensive knowledge and expertise of pro audio products. For you as a customer, this means a quick and professional repair and a solution to the problem.

Own Technical Service Department