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AUDAC R1 Light


Where other multi-room amplifiers aren’t ‘all in one’ devices, the R1 is a truly polyvalent solution. It has the flexibility of an advanced multi-room amplifier, combined with several digital options. By simply surfing to the webpage, you can get full control of the R1 basic functions. The R1 has 8 stereo line level Inputs, 8 stereo line level outputs and 8 x 40W stereo amplified outputs, 2 priority inputs, an audio link input and output. To control al these features, a RS232 port, Ethernet port, 8 RS485 ports to connect wall mounted control panels and a data uplink and downlink are present.
  • 1 x R1 Light.

Crown Audio

Product category




Output power 4Ω/channel

40 W

Output power 8Ω/channel

20 W


133 mm (3U)


10 kg