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Celto Acoustique IWAC210 + IWAC118S

 20.000,00 excl. VAT

The IWAC system has tremendous dynamic ability, offering an excellent SPL to size ratio. The newly developed 18” neodymium driver offers an accurate reproduction of dynamic sugnals. In fact, very few subwoofers can blend punch, depth and physical bass like IWAC118S. To match this beast of a subwoofer, the 2 x 10” neodymium driver associates efficiency and clarity. In combination with the acclaimed Celto Acoustique HFDN72 high frequency transducer, the IWAC210 posseses the guts to handle large events with ease. The IWAC rigging system is very flexible. Without additional hardware, IWAC210 can be attached to IWAC118S flown or as ground stack. In ground stack setup, IWAC210 can be aimed up or down for near to mid field usage. Moreover, the rigging is fully intergrated, so no risk to losse hardware.
  • 16 x IWAC210 with dolly and cover;
  • 8 x IWAC118S with dolly and cover;
  • 2 x dolly for 6 pieces of IWAC210;
  • 2 x large flying frame (up to 16 pieces IWAC210 or to fly IWAC118S in combination with IWAC210);
  • 2 x leightweight flying frame, with case (up to 10 pieces IWAC210);
  • 2 x pole mount adapter, with case, for 2 pieces IWAC210 on top of IWAC118S.

Celto Acoustique

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Components – Custom made 2 × 10? CELTO Acoustique / 1.5” exit CELTO Acoustique
Nominal impedance – 8 ohms LF, 16 ohms HF
Maximum SPL – 133 dB
Usable bandwith – 50 Hz – 18 kHz
W x H x D – 700 x 305 x 465 mm
Weight – 26 kg


Components – Custom made 18? CELTO Acoustique
Nominal impedance – 4 ohms
RMS handling capacity – 1200 W
Maximum SPL – 134 dB
Usable bandwith – > 28 Hz
W x H x D – 700 x 518 x 745 mm
Weight – 52 kg