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L-Acoustics LA12X

 5.499,00 excl. VAT

New stock available in July 2021. L-Acoustics amplified controllers offer high performance and efficient loudspeaker amplification, 96 kHz/32-bit digital signal processing and comprehensive system protection in a single ergonomic package integrated with LA Network Manager. LA12X relies on a proprietary SMPS equipped with a DSP-controlled PFC, to deliver high energy (power × hold time) for best LF reproduction, from 240 V down to 100 V with high immunity to unstable mains. All amplified controllers have analog and AES/EBU inputs. LA12X also include an AVB bridge and a listener compliant with the Milan/AVB protocol. Automatic fallback functions make the creation of redundant audio paths possible with constant delay and constant level.
  • 1 x L-Acoustics LA12X.


Product category

Onboard DSP



Output power 2.7Ω/channel

3300 W

Output power 4Ω/channel

2600 W

Output power 8Ω/channel

1400 W


89 mm (2U)


14.5 kg