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NEXO PS15 TDcontroller

 199,00 excl. VAT

The PS15 TDcontroller is an advanced analogue processor that allows the PS15 Loudspeaker and optional LS1200- SUB Subwoofer to achieve superior performance from an exceptionally small format. The PS8 TD provides crossover, sensed amplifier control and system equalization, optimised for the PS15 and LS1200-SUB. Each PS15 TD has two inputs and three outputs, L, R and summed sub out, minimising installation cost and complexity. Like all NEXO processors, the PS15 TD provides precision dynamic, voice coil temperature and diaphragm displacement protection through the use of selective Voltage Controlled Equalisers (VCEQs), strategically reducing levels only at frequencies when and where necessary.
  • 1 x PS15 TDcontroller.


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45 mm (1U)


2.9 kg