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Optocore YS2

 95,00 excl. VAT

The Optocore YS2 card is a cascadable daughter board for Yahama card YG2. According to the Yamaha miniYGDAI standard, the YS2 features 16 in/16 out audio channels through the console slot. The front panel offers one “Main” port to connect via CAT5 cables to the RJ45 “SUB” port of a YG2 card. Through the “Sub” port of the YS2 card cascading of up to three YS2 cards is possible, to enlarge the number of audio channels up to 64 in/64 out (32 in/32 out @ 96kHz).
  • 1 x Optocore YS2;
  • 1 x cable set.


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Digital Audio (Mini – YGDAI Slot)

Convention Mini – YGDAI Interface