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Soundsale A-STACK (2) + flightcase

 1.599,00 excl. VAT

Soundsale’s A-STACK is a fixed frame that interfaces between L-Acoustics KS21 and A10/A15 in a stacked array. It should be used in combination with two KS21-OUTRIG under KS21 to ensure stability. The locating pins on A-STACK match the lodgings on the enclosure, to enable deployments with the HF section on either side. A-STACK is secured to the enclosure and to the subwoofer with threaded knobs. The subwoofer knob can only be used with KS21 pole mount (with insert). The opening angle of A-STACK can be adjusted between 20° and 35°. The label displays the opening angle of the accessory and not the site angle of the enclosure(s).
  • 2 x A-STACK frame;
  • 1 x flightcase.


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